Home Key Logger

Home Key Logger 2.0

Home Key Logger 1.70 is a program that keeps a log of the keyboard input

Home Key Logger 1.70 is a program that keeps a log of every input from the keyboard.
The program intercepts and records everything typed, saving it to a file that you can later view.

You can set the program to work in hidden mode. This way it won´t show you the tray icon. You can see that icon again by pressing CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+M.

By recording everything that is typed, you will not only have complete control of the usage of your PC. You will also have a backup of the information, available if a disaster occurs, including passwords that you forgot.

As soon as you install the Home Key Logger, it will begin recording your input, and you'll see its icon in the System Tray.

To see the recorded log, you´ll need to place the mouse over the System Tray icon and click the right mouse button. Then, you must select the View Log item from the pop-up menu.

The contextual menu also allows you to configure the program to run on startup, choosing the Autorun option.

You can also choose to hide the tray icon or clear the log.

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